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White Bird of Paradise

Flowering White Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia

White Bird Of Paradise

Added new photographs today, including the interesting and always white, White Bird of Paradise. These Strelitzia are used in interior landscapes and I have only seen them with a bloom in exterior gardens or greenhouse environments. They may bloom indoors but I have never seen this happen and I have cared for many of these plants. Strelitzia nicolai is the name. Added a few other pictures too. Check them out on the plant pictures page Thanks

New Pictures Posted – Bird of Paradise and more…

Bird of Paradise Flower

Flower on Bird of Paradise-Strelitzia reginae

Some new plant pictures posted today. This is one of them a flower on Strelitzia reginae, quite pretty and not the Bird of Paradise generally used as an indoor plant. The Strelitzia Nicolai, or White Bird of Paradise is the type used for interiors. Easy to grow but can not remember any White Birds that ever bloomed indoors. I have seen them with blooms in botanical gardens and will post picture of the White Bird in bloom soon. Other plant pictures can be seen on the Plant Pictures page, of course….
Have a great weekend everyone!

Adding Plant and Flower Pictures

I am new to WordPress, just getting the hang of things. Have added a few new #plant and #flower #pictures to my pictures page. I have so many photographs stored it takes some time to go through them. Just wanted to post something here. This is a white hibiscus flower, the identification called it Waimea Hibiscus. Bye for now….

Hibiscus Waimea Flower

White Hibiscus Flower

Facebook Page for PlantAndFlowerInfo.com

red and yellow flower face

Plant and Flower Info icon

Recently started a Facebook Page for PlantAndFlowerInfo.com. It is a website with indoor tropical plant and flower information, pictures and care. If you have problems with your indoor plants you can find help and answers at PlantAndFlowerInfo.com. If you have some great plant and flower pictures you would like to share, you can easily post them on the Facebook Page Take a look if you get the chance. Thanks!