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Indoor Plants – Dracaena Lisa Cane

Indoor Plants Care Dracaena Lisa Cane This is a photograph I took while at work during the holidays. This is a Dracaena Lisa Cane. I have been caring for this plant, along with many others, for the past few years. It has recently been moved from a single story office building to a high rise in uptown Charlotte. Quite a pretty plant, it is in medium to bright, indirect lighting with additional artificial light. I keep it pruned to about 6 feet tall and it is in a 14 inch diameter grow pot with a silver Lechuza decorative container.
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Interior Landscape Plants

Interior Landscape Plant, Schefflera ArboricolaHi Plant People

Time has been flying by as it always does when you keep busy. Hard to believe it is almost June of 2016. I have been keeping very busy taking care of indoor tropical plants for my customers. If you are looking for a company to help you choose, install and care for some beautiful tropical plants for your own business and you are in the Charlotte NC area, give us a call at Charlotte Plantscapes Inc. Charlotte Plantscapes has been doing business in the Charlotte area since 1983 and we can help you make your business more inviting for your associates and your customers. Call us at 704-529-1399 or visit the Charlotte Plantscapes website for contact information. Thanks!