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Pothos Plant Care – About Houseplants

Pothos Marble Queen, Epipremnum aureum

Pothos Marble Queen Plant

Pothos Plant Care – (Scindapsus or Epipremnum aureus)
The Pothos must be the most popular houseplant. Just about anyone that has ever had a houseplant has had a Pothos. The three common varieties are the Golden Pothos (yellow and green), Jade Pothos (all green) and the Marble Queen Pothos (white and green). My favorite is the Marble Queen Pothos.
Taking care of interior landscape accounts, I have found that the personal plant people most often have in their cubicles and offices is the Pothos plant.

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Help With Your Houseplants

Orchid Flower Purple

My Pretty Purple Orchid

I have just been visiting at a website called Reviewing some of the posts on indoor plant care, I noticed that the plants people posted pictures of in the Garden Web Forum looked as though they needed lots and lots of help. Often the post authors did not know what kind of houseplant they had and needed an indentification.
I guess I may be kind of picky when it comes to the way an indoor plant looks because in the interior landscape business, your plants (or should I say the customer’s plants) always have to look good. And, as with people, a plants appearance says everything about its health and care.
I wanted to sign in on the Garden Web Forum and give some help and advice but the “Terms of Service” for the site was so long that I got scared and left the website without signing in. Read more and get help with your indoor tropical plants questions