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I enjoy natural things, generally, especially tropical plants and flowers, animals and natural areas. Waterfalls are very nice and I love an empty, sandy beach, no matter the time of year. Photography, art, building websites. I am an amateur at playing classical guitar and piano. I love listening to my favorite music and singing along...

Indoor Plants – Dracaena Lisa Cane

Indoor Plants Care Dracaena Lisa Cane This is a photograph I took while at work during the holidays. This is a Dracaena Lisa Cane. I have been caring for this plant, along with many others, for the past few years. It has recently been moved from a single story office building to a high rise in uptown Charlotte. Quite a pretty plant, it is in medium to bright, indirect lighting with additional artificial light. I keep it pruned to about 6 feet tall and it is in a 14 inch diameter grow pot with a silver Lechuza decorative container.
Read about indoor tropical Dracaena plants at – Dracaena Plant Care.

Interior Landscape Plants

Interior Landscape Plant, Schefflera ArboricolaHi Plant People

Time has been flying by as it always does when you keep busy. Hard to believe it is almost June of 2016. I have been keeping very busy taking care of indoor tropical plants for my customers. If you are looking for a company to help you choose, install and care for some beautiful tropical plants for your own business and you are in the Charlotte NC area, give us a call at Charlotte Plantscapes Inc. Charlotte Plantscapes has been doing business in the Charlotte area since 1983 and we can help you make your business more inviting for your associates and your customers. Call us at 704-529-1399 or visit the Charlotte Plantscapes website for contact information. Thanks!

White Bird of Paradise

Flowering White Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia

White Bird Of Paradise

Added new photographs today, including the interesting and always white, White Bird of Paradise. These Strelitzia are used in interior landscapes and I have only seen them with a bloom in exterior gardens or greenhouse environments. They may bloom indoors but I have never seen this happen and I have cared for many of these plants. Strelitzia nicolai is the name. Added a few other pictures too. Check them out on the plant pictures page Thanks

Pothos Plant Care – About Houseplants

Pothos Marble Queen, Epipremnum aureum

Pothos Marble Queen Plant

Pothos Plant Care – (Scindapsus or Epipremnum aureus)
The Pothos must be the most popular houseplant. Just about anyone that has ever had a houseplant has had a Pothos. The three common varieties are the Golden Pothos (yellow and green), Jade Pothos (all green) and the Marble Queen Pothos (white and green). My favorite is the Marble Queen Pothos.
Taking care of interior landscape accounts, I have found that the personal plant people most often have in their cubicles and offices is the Pothos plant.

Read about How to Care for Pothos plant at

New Pictures Posted – Bird of Paradise and more…

Bird of Paradise Flower

Flower on Bird of Paradise-Strelitzia reginae

Some new plant pictures posted today. This is one of them a flower on Strelitzia reginae, quite pretty and not the Bird of Paradise generally used as an indoor plant. The Strelitzia Nicolai, or White Bird of Paradise is the type used for interiors. Easy to grow but can not remember any White Birds that ever bloomed indoors. I have seen them with blooms in botanical gardens and will post picture of the White Bird in bloom soon. Other plant pictures can be seen on the Plant Pictures page, of course….
Have a great weekend everyone!

Help With Your Houseplants

Orchid Flower Purple

My Pretty Purple Orchid

I have just been visiting at a website called Reviewing some of the posts on indoor plant care, I noticed that the plants people posted pictures of in the Garden Web Forum looked as though they needed lots and lots of help. Often the post authors did not know what kind of houseplant they had and needed an indentification.
I guess I may be kind of picky when it comes to the way an indoor plant looks because in the interior landscape business, your plants (or should I say the customer’s plants) always have to look good. And, as with people, a plants appearance says everything about its health and care.
I wanted to sign in on the Garden Web Forum and give some help and advice but the “Terms of Service” for the site was so long that I got scared and left the website without signing in. Read more and get help with your indoor tropical plants questions

Help with Your Houseplants (skip the Info Farm Sites)

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I can’t tell you the number of times I have contacted someone via their website contact information, never to hear from them. It is usually the norm, unfortunately.
I have a website called and I let folks know I am willing to help them, if I can, with their houseplant problems or questions. I have answered every reader that has posted or sent a question and some of them I know were just spammers trying to get an email to send their “junk” to.
If you do need help or have a question, I will do my best to help you. I am not one of those people that is posting information they are reading out of a book, I have worked in the interior landscape business for over 20 years and so have a lot of practical experience with indoor plant care. The kind you cannot get anywhere else.
So, unlike the information farms out there, I practice what I preach. And from what I have seen and read, alot of the information on the Info Farm Websites is incorrect.
Anyway, I will answer you so you know where to find me! Post here or on the contact page.
PS…Spam will still get deleted, spammers are wasting their time and mine.