English Ivy, Hedera helix

My English Ivy in Brass

I started working in the interior landscape industry as an interior landscape technician in 1985. Tiffany’s Decorative Plants in Fremont, California was the name of the company and, at the time, had grown to be the 2nd largest interior landscape business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The man that started and owned Tiffany’s Decorative Plants, Jerry Harris, had only been in business for 7 years so that was quite an accomplishment!

One of my first accounts was the Xerox Research Center in Palo Alto, CA. A very large account, it took an entire day to complete all of the work caring for the interior landscape plants. Not long after I started this job my supervisor at Tiffany’s let me know she had received the first ever compliment from one of their clients. My contact at the Xerox Research Center had called her to tell her he thought I was doing a great job. What a nice guy. His call got me a small promotion and, of course, more work!

Indoor plant care seemed pretty easy to me but maybe it is genetics…my mother and grandmother were always avid gardeners but they never really ventured into the world of indoor plants.

I have always enjoyed the job because I never had to stay in one place for very long. In fact, that was why I applied for the job in the first place. My service routes took me from Fremont to the Monterey Bay, where I would sometimes stop to have lunch on the beach and watch as the whales went by. We had accounts all over the San Francisco Bay area and as far north as Santa Rosa.

Tiffany’s Decorative Plants was bought out long ago and has changed names many times. I am not sure but I believe it is now part of the very large interior landscaping company, Ambius…

Anyway, days are never boring in the interior landscaping world, that’s for sure. That is just the beginning of the story of my interior landscape career.

I have been working for a great interior landscape company, Charlotte Plantscapes Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina for much of the past 15 years. There was another interior landscape company I worked for in between those I have already mentioned. In other words, I have a lot of experience taking care of indoor tropical plants! I still enjoy assisting customers on accounts with their personal plants when they need help.

I have envisioned this site as being more of a visual site because I also love taking pictures of plants and flowers. So it will be more for plant identification, etc. However, I have another website, not a WordPress site but built simply with HTML, so if you need some indoor tropical plant care information, please visit PlantAndFlowerInfo.com where you will find much information on indoor houseplants. If you get a chance visit the Plant And Flower Info blog pages and please do not hesitate to post houseplant questions there or contact me via the contact page on the website. Thanks!

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