Indoor Foliage and Flowering Plants Gallery

Hello World! This is a new website I am just getting started. My goal is to create a photographic gallery of indoor tropical foliage plants and flowering house plants. These to be used for houseplant identification so people know what kind of plants they have and then can find out about their care. In addition, I would like to have a forum for helping people with their indoor tropical plant questions, whether they would like to identify a houseplant or need some assistance or advice with indoor plant problems.

I have worked in the indoor plant care business for more than 20 years. So, of course, I have an interest in indoor tropical plants and flowers. As most people do, I enjoy taking photographs, especially of plants, flowers and animals. I will use many pictures that I have taken myself but would like to have some contributed by the Plant Lovers out there who would like to show off their own beautiful plant and flower photos!

I have done indoor plant work, including service, installations, sales and more, for many different companies and people. The list is long and varied and includes The Carolina Panthers, Steve Beuerlein, Xerox, IBM and NASCAR.

In fact, I started at a company named ‘Tiffany’s Decorative Plants’, located in the east San Francisco Bay area and traveled from Monterrey to Santa Rosa, California taking care of indoor plants.¬†Working in the interior landscape business is a fun job and is never boring. Anyway, that is it for now…got to figure out how to use WordPress, as I am used to doing my own HTML! Bye for now…